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Quick & Smart Solutions To Grow Your Business

We are on a mission to help you sustain your business with optimized resources 


Each Team Member has over 2 decades of Work Experience

Guidance From Our Expert Team

We can bridge the competency  gap, guide and execute your tasks be it in  any industry and any department.


We Provide The Best Solutions To Grow Your Business

Based on Edward De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats and its Technique of Lateral Thinking. We are an upcoming Human Resources, Business Support Services, and TED ( Training, Education, and Development) a support organization that is built by like-minded people to help & facilitate all the human resource-related support to run a successful business by offering workable, practical, and ROI based solutions.

Having understood the obstacles every business goes through to become sustainable and successful.

We bring to you a support system to choose from by industry experts to help your business grow.


We understand the challenges you could face to start your venture or even sustain your current business.

We offer “Out of the Box”  solutions to help you reach your business goals ethically and compliance supported.


We offer Cross Functional Support System

We offer end-to-end solutions at your fingertips in three categories namely Human Resources Support and Consultations, Business Supports Services, and T.E.D ( Training, Education & Development).  Aimed at helping in the best way we can, we are here to extend our support to all upcoming enterprises as well. We offer our services which spread across Retail, Media, Animation & Entertainment, Information Technology, Constructions & Real Estates, IPC ( International Property Consultants) Pharmaceuticals,  Engineering, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Logistics & Supply Chain, Events, etc…

Human Resource Management

Business Support Services

Training, Education & Development

Media , Animation & Entertainment

Social Media Marketing

Information Technology

We Are Open For Opportunities!

We consider no opportunity big or small. We strongly believe that 20% of efforts give 80% results.


" Growth is never by mere chance; It is the result of forces working Together" - J.C Penny

Your ideas belong to you, you own your dream projects and we join you as your delegation partners and guide and mentors to pursue your dreams. Rest assured they are in safe hands.  Your “Happy Customer” means a lot to us.

Needs Experience Business Consultant?

We Help You to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Be it getting assistance to getting task-based talent to ensuring moving business process to scaling up heights. We can manage the Human Resource and Business Support needs of your organization. We are open to serve across all industries.

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Office  No. 604, Hermes Atrium, Sector 11, Near BP Marine, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614

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